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White River Monster

A legendary water creature found in the White River of Arkansas, possibly a giant fish with large spines on its back (Pm).

  • American wizard and wand-maker Thiago Quintana had a method of luring the White River Monsters and removing their spines, which he used as cores for his "leek and usually lengthy wands." (Pm). He died without sharing either his fishing or his wandmaking skills with anyone.



The White River Monster was first sighted between 1915 and 1937 near Newport, Arkansas, and was said to be as long as three railroad cars. In some reports it appeared to be a giant catfish, while in other reports it had spines and a horn on its head, and made sounds like the moo of a cow. Some have guessed it might have been a lost elephant seal that wandered up the Mississippi River or even a hoax, but the state of Arkansas decided it was real enough and in 1973 created a refuge for the beast along the White River.

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