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Gellert Grindelwald is murdered in Nurmengard tower by Voldemort

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The Harry Potter Canon

“Kill me, then. Voldemort, I welcome death! But my death will not bring you what you seek . . . There is so much you do not understand . . . Kill me, then! You will not win, you cannot win! That wand will never, ever be yours—"

-- Gellert Grindelwald's last words (DH23)

Voldemort had traced the Elder wand to Grindelwald, who he then visited in a lonely cell atop the tallest tower of Nurmengard. When Grindelwald defied Voldemort, the Dark Lord murdered him with a Killing Curse (DH23).

Grindelwald is murdered
Date March, 1998
Certainty Inferred from canon
Location in Canon DH23
Type of Event Wizarding world


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