• Character Myron Wagtail was the lead singer of the wizarding band The Weird Sisters (FW). Read More
• Character Celestina Warbeck, known as the “Singing Sorceress” (CS3), is, along with the Weird Sisters, one of the two most well-known recording artists in the wizarding world (FW). Read More
• Character Irving Warble is a composer and the third husband of Celestina Warbeck (Pm). His wife, a famous popular singer, has been married to Mr Warble since leaving her second husband (after a ten year marriage and one child) (Pm). Read More
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Have you ever wondered why an all-wizard rock band would call itself The Weird Sisters? Shakespeare fans may recognize the term “weird sisters” as a name applied to the witches in Macbeth. You might know that all roles in Shakespeare’s plays were played by male… Read More
• Art and Culture The Weird Sisters is a very popular all-male rock band in the wizarding world. This musical group is very popular on the WWN (GF22). The band’s instruments consist of a set of drums, several guitars, a lute, a cello, a bass guitar, and some bagpipes. They were “all… Read More
• Art and Culture A popular show on the Wizard’s Wireless hosted by Glenda Chittock (FW). Read More
• Art and Culture The Wizarding Suite is a musical composition written in the 1500s by Musidora Barkwith which featured an exploding instrument, possibly a “serpent.” The Suite was performed only once, in 1902, when the exploding instrument used was a tuba. The explosion blew up the Ackerly Town Hall (FW). Read More
• Communication The equivalent of a Muggle radio; the Weasleys have one of these in their kitchen. The WWN (Wizarding Wireless Network) is listened to by many in the wizarding world. Read More
• Magical objects Hagrid gave Harry a carved wooden flute for Christmas his first year at Hogwarts (PS12). It made a sound like an owl hooting. Read More