• Character Chastity Barebone was the oldest adopted No-Maj daughter of Mary Lou Barebone, a Second Salem leader in 1920s New York. She was almost as fervent as her mother in handing out anti-witchcraft leaflets to the orphans who came to eat soup at Second Salem Church (WFT). Chastity died when mother… Read More
• Character Credence Barebone appears to be the adopted son of Mary Lou Barebone, a fanatical leader of the anti-magic Second Salem Philanthropic Society in 1920s New York. Along with his two adopted sisters, he would often help his mother and the Second Salemers by hanging up posters, finding places to… Read More
• Character The Barebone family was a historical No-Maj American family descended from Scourers and known for being anti-magic. At least one adopted member was found to be magical, however (WFT). Members include: Bartholomew Barebone Mary Lou Barebone Chastity Barebone Credence Barebone Modesty Barebone… Read More
• Character Mary Lou Barebone was the fanatical leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, an anti-magic group active in New York during the 1920s. A “handsome” woman who wore Puritanical clothing like her Scourer ancestors, Mary Lou was also mother to three adopted children whom she raised inside the New Salem… Read More
• Character Modesty Barebone was the youngest adopted daughter of Mary Lou Barebone, a Second Salem leader in 1920s New York. Read More
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Chastity, Credence, and Modesty may have seemed like strange names to viewers of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but they are rooted in the Barebone family’s Puritan past. Not only is the Barebones’s church named for Salem, Massachusetts, but also the family… Read More
• Character Barker was the harried assistant of newspaper magnate Henry Shaw Sr. (WFT). Read More
• Character Bernadette was an Executioner at MACUSA in 1920s New York. When Tina Goldstein and Newt Scamander were accused by Auror Percival Graves of using an Obscurus to cause destruction, Bernadette led Tina to the Death Cell. She extracted happy memories from Tina’s mind and dropped them into the pool of… Read More
• Creature The Billywig is a magical insect, about a half-inch long and vivid blue in color, with a large stinger that causes levitation and laughter in victims. The Billywig is native to Australia (FB). Dried Billywig stings are used in several potions and are allegedly a component in Fizzing Whizzbees (FB). They… Read More
• Character Mr. Bingley was a well-dressed No-Maj loan officer at the New York bank where Jacob Kowalski went to to apply for a loan to start a bakery in 1926. Mr. Bingley denied Jacob’s loan application. A short time later he was jinxed with a Full Body Bind curse… Read More
• Businesses, merchants, and shops • Pubs and inns The Blind Pig is a grungy speakeasy in New York City during Prohibition. The bar caters exclusively to the magical community. Read More
• Creature A small (maximum height 8 inches) insect-eating tree-dweller with long sharp fingers (two on each hand), brown eyes, and a general appearance of a flat-faced little stickman made of bark and twigs, which serves well as camouflage in its native habitat. Found in western England, southern Germany, and Scandinavia, a… Read More