The Rise of Grindelwald

Mr. Bingley

"The bank must be protected, Mr. Kowalski. Good day to you."
--Mr. Bingley (WFT)

Mr. Bingley was a well-dressed No-Maj loan officer at the New York bank where Jacob Kowalski went to to apply for a loan to start a bakery in 1926. Mr. Bingley denied Jacob’s loan application. A short time later he was jinxed with a Full Body Bind curse for walking in on Jacob and Newt ‘robbing’ the bank. Several days later, when the water in New York is affected by the selective memory erasing potion, Mr. Bingley’s bad memories of these events are taken away while he is showering.



According to, casting information gave Mr. Bingley's first name as Gilbert.

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