"You gotta try the paczki, okay, it’s my grandmother ’s recipe, the orange zest—"
-- Jacob Kowalski (WFT)

The Kowalski Bakery was started in 1926 New York by No-Maj Jacob Kowalski on the Lower East Side of Manhatten (WFT).

  • When Jacob asked City Bank loan officer Mr. Bingley for a loan to start a bakery, he was turned down in spite of the suitcase-full of delicious pastries made using Jacob's Grandmother's recipes. However, on that same day he met wizard Newt Scamander, who was searching the bank for his lost Niffler, and they accidentally switched suitcases (WFT).
  • After a series of magical catastrophes in New York City, Jacob and all the No-Majs had their memories erased by Thunderbird rain containing Swooping Evil venom. But Newt anonymously gave Jacob a new suitcase full of silver Occamy eggs to pay for his bakery (WFT).
  • Due to memory loss, Jacob could not explain to customers why he made pastries and bread in the shape of Fantastic Beasts, but he seemed to almost remember his lost love Queenie Goldstein when she visited his bakery three months later (WFT).


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