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Shaw Tower

An impressive Art Deco building in New York City, Shaw Tower is the headquarters of Henry Shaw Sr.’s massive media business. It includes a busy newsroom, elevators, and and Shaw Sr.’s large penthouse office, which offers an excellent view of the city (FB).



Possibly inspired by 30 Rockefeller Plaza, headquarters of NBC. -BB

Called "Shaw Tower" possibly after "Trump Tower" in New York City, perhaps with a touch of irony since J.K. Rowling has been outspoken in her criticism of President Donald Trump. The skyscraper's location was originally the Bonwit Teller building, an Art Deco masterpiece. Trump originally agreed to salvage all the artistic details, such as sculptures of goddesses and an ornate golden grille over the door, and donate them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Instead, he destroyed the statues and sold the grille as scrap metal, which the New York Times referred to as "esthetic vandalism" (Source:Wikipedia). -SIP

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