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" . . . that Fleur girl tried this sort of charm, I think she was trying to put it into a trance - well, that kind of worked too, it went all sleepy, but then it snored, and this great jet of flame shot out, and her skirt caught fire - she put it out with a bit of water out of her wand."
-- Hermione about the First Triwizard Task (GF20)

Puts the target person into a deep sleep; subject is in a state almost like suspended animation and does not breathe for the duration of the spell.

References from the canon

  • Dumbledore placed Cho, Ron, Hermione, and Gabrielle Delacour into this kind of sleep while they were "held hostage" by the merpeople in the lake (GF27).
  • Fleur tried to put her dragon into some sort of enchanted sleep during the first task (GF20)


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