• Headlines and advertisements Enquiry at the Ministry of Magic is an article clipped out of a Daily Prophet newspaper in Autumn 1992, which was sent to Draco Malfoy by his father Lucius (CS12). The article reports that Arthur Weasley, the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office,… Read More
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“Want a hand?” With these words, the character of George Weasley enters the readers’ lives and hearts. This is also Harry Potter’s first impression of George when they meet on the train. Harry Potter, a boy who can’t remember the last time anyone showed him kindness, George Weasley for the first time and is helped out by the young… Read More
• Magical objects The Experimental Time-Turner is a time-turner prototype built of cheap metal that would allow the user to transport himself back in time for five minutes (CC2.7. CC3.7, CC4.4). Had a different appearance than the hourglass-shaped Ministry Time-Turners, and was discovered by Aurors in the possession of Theodore… Read More
• Art and Culture An exploding tuba is a musical instrument which caused the destruction of Ackerly Town Hall during the 1902 first and only performance of The Wizarding Suite by Musidora Barkwith (fl. 1500s) (FW). Since the tuba was not invented until 1835, the original piece must have been written for a different instrument,… Read More