• Character One of the founders of Borgin and Burkes, a shop in Knockturn Alley. The man behind the counter when Lucius Malfoy came in (CS4), however, was Mr. Borgin. Podcast: Play in new… Read More
• Character Caradoc Dearborn was a member of the Order of the Phoenix during the first war against Voldemort. He went missing and was presumed dead (OP9). Harry saw him among the members of the original Order in Mad-Eye Moody’s photograph at Grimmauld Place. Podcast:… Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds • Rooms, chambers, and floors Located deep underneath Hogwarts, this series of chambers and passages was used to conceal the Philosopher’s Stone and protect it from would-be thieves. Dumbledore placed the Stone there in August of 1991. Then Flitwick, McGonagall, Sprout, Snape, and Quirrell added various protections. To top it off, Hagrid provided a giant,… Read More
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Having recently done a GF re-read, the last terrifying and emotional chapters have been on my mind a lot. This morning, while briefly considering the What Might Have Been if Cedric had been the only one to grasp the Cup, I returned to the Eternal Question– Why make the Cup a Portkey when Harry’s toothbrush would work… Read More
• Glossary A small ornamental box or chest for holding jewels, letters, or other valuable objects. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:14 — 3.9MB)Subscribe:… Read More
• Character Agatha Chubb was a witch and expert in ancient wizarding artifacts. While researching Quidditch practices of the 16th century she actually discovered twelve lead Bludgers in the peat bogs and marshes of Great Britain and Ireland (QA6). She used her finds to show how modern wizards changed… Read More
• Headlines and advertisements Classified Advertisements is a regular page appearing in the Daily Prophet, of great utility to the wizarding community (DP2). This section includes columns listing recruitment opportunities, items for sale, dating/Lonely Hearts and family announcements. The listing on Page 2 of the Prophet included: Jobs “Hit-witch or wizard” for the Magical Law Enforcement Squad Assistant… Read More
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Table of Contents Introduction Pensieves Memory as a Weapon Memory as Aid Modification of Memory Memory in Objects Memory Embodied as a Threat Conclusion   Introduction As Muggles, memory is a fairly straightforward process for us and unless we read a story about someone with amnesia or about a… Read More
• Character Professor Saul Croaker was an “Unspeakable” who specialised in time-magic (Pm). Arthur Weasley identifies Croaker and Bode as both working in the Department of Mysteries in the campsite during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF7). He developed Professor Croaker’s Law, which states that “the furthest someone… Read More
• Source Harry and the Weasleys receive their required book lists from Hogwarts and go to Diagon Alley via Floo powder. There Harry arrives in Knockturn Alley, overhears the Malfoys, is found by Hagrid, meets author/teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, and Arthur Weasley comes to blows with Lucius Malfoy. Podcast:… Read More
• Source Mzimba, Lizo, moderator. Chamber of Secrets DVD interview with Steve Kloves and J.K. Rowling, February 2003. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:14 — 3.9MB)Subscribe:… Read More
• Occupations A team of adventurous bankers from Gringotts who go out into the world breaking the protective Charms and Curses on old forgotten Wizarding treasure troves. Sometimes referred to as Curse-Breakers (PA1, OP29). Podcast: Play in new… Read More
• Spells Voldemort cast a deadly curse on Marvolo Gaunt’s ring to protect the Horcrux within. The curse would have killed Dumbledore immediately after he put the ring on if Snape hadn’t performed a counter-curse to slow it’s spread. As it was, Dumbledore’s hand was blackened and withered, and he would die within a… Read More