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As part of our quest for the possible meanings of ‘hallows,’ Lexicon friend Bandersnatch kindly agreed to assemble some information for us. The result is an excellent essay which gives us some context for the new book’s title. Enjoy: The Grail Hallows and Harry Potter… Read More
• Event When Professor McGonagall finds Harry in the hallway near the petrified Justin Finch-Fletchly and Nearly Headless Nick (CS11), she takes him to Dumbledore’s Office, using the password “Sherbet Lemon” (CS12). While waiting, Harry looks around at the many sleeping Headmaster portraits on the wall, as well as Dumbledore’s… Read More
• Event Harry, Ron, and Professor Lockhart open the entrance to the underground Chamber. Along the way, Lockhart uses Ron’s broken wand and blasts himself with permanent Memory Spell damage and bringing down a section of the ceiling. Harry, cut off from the others, proceeds to the Chamber on his own where… Read More
• Source Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and last book in the series. The book was published in the US and the UK on 21 July 2007. Resources: Day by day calendar of events in the book Differences between the British and American versions Changes in the… Read More
• Headlines and advertisements Harry Potter: Disturbed and Dangerous is the headline for Rita Skeeter’s article about Harry Potter, appearing in the Daily Prophet on the morning of the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament in 1995 (GF31). The article was about the effect of Harry’s scar on… Read More
• Event After emerging from the pensieve and realizing that he is a Horcrux and must be killed (DH33), Harry starts walking towards the forest. He is at once terrified and numb. He reflects on how precious life is. He has his Invisibility Cloak on as he passes by the Great… Read More
• Source Harry learns that Dumbledore has returned, races off to his office. Together they watch Slughorn’s memory, where Riddle learns what Horcruxes are and contemplates making more than one. Dumbledore explains his suspicions that Riddle made six, including the now-destroyed ring and diary, the locket, the cup, and Nagini.  Dumbledore promises Harry… Read More
• Source Hermione finds out about Eileen Prince in the library and she thinks Eileen may be connected to the Half-Blood Prince. Dumbledore asks Harry to come to his office immediately. On the way there, Harry runs into Trelawney, learning from her both that Malfoy is incredibly happy and that Snape was the one… Read More
• Source Harry and Dumbledore enter the cave where Voldemort has hidden a Horcrux. After swimming to the entrance, Dumbledore splatters it with his blood to gain entry and they take a hidden boat across a lake. Protecting the Horcrux there is a potion that must be drunk. Dumbledore insists that he is the… Read More
• Source The majority of students remain at Hogwarts for Dumbledore’s funeral, as wizards from across the country flood in to pay their last respects. Hermione discovers that Eileen Prince was Snape’s mother while Harry ponders the Horcruxes. The funeral takes place, after which Harry breaks up with Ginny. As Harry then walks off on… Read More
• Hogwarts castle and grounds • Rooms, chambers, and floors • Wizarding places The headmaster/mistress of Hogwarts has an office in one of the towers of the castle. The entrance to this office at Hogwarts is behind a statue of a gargoyle on the seventh floor. When given the proper password, the gargoyle will leap aside, and the wall behind it will split… Read More
• Character The Grey Lady is the Ravenclaw House ghost; in life, she was Helena Ravenclaw, the daughter of Hogwarts founder Rowena Ravenclaw. Helena stole her mother’s diadem to make herself cleverer and fled to Albania. Her mother became deathly ill soon after and sent Helena’s long-time admirer to find her and bring her back. When… Read More
• Character Hepzibah Smith was an immense, “very old, very rich witch” who collected magical antiques antiques and befriended Tom Marvolo Riddle in his role with Borgin and Burkes. She was distantly related to Helga Hufflepuff. Hepzibah lived in a grand house filled with so many possessions that it was difficult to walk… Read More
• Hogwarts • Sentient objects The names of future Hogwarts students are written down at birth in the Book of Admittance, a special parchment book bound with dragon hide kept in a locked tower. When a magical child is born, the Quill of Acceptance floats out of a silver ink pot nearby to write the… Read More
• Schools Hogwarts is one of the world’s finest wizarding schools, located in a massive castle in Scotland. Hogwarts takes students from all over Great Britain, starting at the age of 11. The students leave school after their seventh year. The students at Hogwarts are sorted at the beginning of their first… Read More
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A few days ago, Entertainment Weekly posted “A definitive timeline of every Harry Potter Horcrux.” I sure wish they’d research these things better before publishing them. Because they’re a mainstream magazine and because they’ve clearly been given a certain level a special access to the Fantastic Beasts team, fans… Read More