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Harry Potter distributes presents to his children before the start of the school year

"Just delivering a pre-Hogwarts gift – gifts – Ron’s sent this..."
-- Harry Potter (CC1.7)

As it is the night before they are going back to Hogwarts, Harry Potter distributes gifts from himself and from their Uncle Ron Weasley to his three children.

James gets his father’s Invisibility Cloak and a prank comb from Ron. Lily gets fluttering fairy wings from Harry and farting gnomes from her uncle. Albus is given his father’s precious baby blanket and Uncle Ron has sent him a love potion (CC1.7).

Timeline Notes

Evening of 31 August 2020, the day before school starts



Of course, Harry would not have received gifts from the Dursleys before the start of the school year. Harry has obviously thought hard about what to give his children - James receives something valuable and Lily has something light-hearted, but what Albus is given is personal. Harry is therefore extremely hurt by its rejection (CC1.7).

Ron's choices of gifts for them reflect the his personality - and also that he runs Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes alongside his brother George.

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