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What he’d like the most is a pair of warm socks, Dumbledore told Harry (PS12). Is he joking? Is this just another example of his droll wit? I think Professor Dumbledore told the truth, that Harry surprised it out of him, although it wasn’t very clear. Fans have suggested that socks represent include freedom (Dobby), love (Molly… Read More
• Ministry of Magic A room located in the Department of Mysteries on Level Nine of the Ministry of Magic (OP34)… Read More
• Magical artifacts The glass jar inside The Time Room of the Department of Mysteries, which gives off a “dancing, diamond-bright light” (OP34, OP35)… Read More
• Magical artifacts The Time-Turner is a small silver hourglass worn on a chain around the neck. It is a very powerful and dangerous magical item which literally turns back time for the user, one hour per inversion of the glass, thanks to the Hour-Reversal Charm contained within it (Pm). Read More
• Awards The champion of the Triwizard Tournament wins the Triwizard Cup. When the tournament was held at Hogwarts in 1994-95, the grand finale was a Maze with the Triwizard Cup placed at the center. Read More