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Various types of spells and items make things vanish, but in different ways. Vanishing The basic form of Vanishing is the Vanishing Spell. Taught in fifth year Transfiguration (OP13), this spell is usually cast using the incantation Evanesco which is Latin for “vanish.” McGonagall starts students out with Vanishing invertebrates—snails—and then works them up to mice… Read More
• Caves and vaults The “top security” vault underneath Gringotts Bank where Dumbledore kept the Philosopher’s Stone (PS5). Read More
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Let us take a look at the mysterious, amazing Marauder’s Map. But first, let’s look at the castle. If you research castles on the Internet, you will see that Hogwarts is a castle of unprecedented (mammoth, huge, gigantic) size. You might find some castles that have towers that are 7 commercial stories high,… Read More
• Character Violet is a witch in a portrait hanging in Hogwarts. She is best friends with the Fat Lady, who calls her Vi. Read More
• Event Mr. Lovegood explains the history of the Deathly Hallows, then tries to sell Harry to the Ministry. The trio just barely escapes. Harry thinks he has figured out the mystery of the Hallows. The Lovegoods’ tower-like home, which reminds Ron of a rook in chess, is near the village of Ottery… Read More
• Potions Voldemort used a basin filled with emerald green potion in the sea cave to protect the Horcrux made from Salazar Slytherin’s locket (HBP26). Read More