February moved towards March with no change in the weather except that it became windy as well as wet. (HBP18)


The month of March at Hogwarts is typically wet and windy. In the first couple of books, March is all but skipped over.

March birthdays:

March 1 = Ron Weasley (1980)
March 9 = Sybill Trelawney (WW)
March 10 = Remus Lupin (1960)
March 27 = James Potter (1960)

During Harry’s years at Hogwarts:


  • 23rd – Hermione begins prepping for exams


  • 8pm every Thursday evening: Harry practices the Patronus Charm with Lupin


  • 5th – Rita’s article about Hermione, Krum, and Harry appears in Witch Weekly
  • 6th – The Trio meets Sirius in a cave near Hogsmeade
  • 8th – Nifflers in Care of Magical Creatures, Hermione begins getting hate mail
  • 11th – Hex-defection in Defense Against the Dark Arts


  • 8th – Trelawney is sacked, Firenze is hired to teach Divination
  • 10th – first Divination lesson with Firenze


  • 1st – Ron is poisoned on his birthday
  • 8th – Luna memorably commentates a Quidditch match, Harry ends up in the hospital wing where he asks Kreacher and Dobby to tail Malfoy
  • 10th – Fourth lesson with Dumbledore: Harry sees Riddle visiting Hepzibah Smith and see Riddle asking for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts
  • 17th – Apparition Lessons in Hogsmeade
  • 24th – Easter Holidays begin


mid-month –

  • Ted, Dirk Cresswell, and Gornuk are killed
  • Trio listens to Potterwatch and are captured by Snatchers. Death of Wormtail.
  • Dobby is killed by Bellatrix. Harry buries the elf on a bluff overlooking Shell Cottage and the sea.
  • Voldemort recovers the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s tomb
  • At Shell Cottage, Griphook agrees to help the Trio break into Gringotts

On JKRowling’s original website:

  • Wizard of the Month, March 2005: Mungo Bonham
  • Wizard of the Month, March 2006: Daisy Dodderidge
  • 31st – The W.O.M.B.A.T. test Grade 1 appeared on 31 March 2006 (JKR-W1).


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