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Episode 4: “Boom! There comes Neville!”

Steve lists things he liked and didn’t like about Deathly Hallows part 2 (SPOILERS), and discusses the warm and cozy Great Hall,

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Episode 3: “There’s an Elf head hanging outside the window!”

Steve talks about Harry Potter canon levels, Rowling skipping the ‘t’,

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Episode 2: “Oh wait a minute, who was that?”

Steve talks about Pottermore misconceptions, how Rowling changed the online world once before,

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Episode 1: “Did Dumbledore walk around with it in his pockets?”

Steve introduces the podcast, thanks a few people, then chats about visiting the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow,

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Welcome to the HP Lexicon Podcast

“And unless Harry’s ears were deceiving him, the old radio next to the sink had just announced that coming up was …” – Chamber of Secrets, chapter 3 What it’s all about … I’ve had some amazing adventures in over … Continue reading

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