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Episode 23: Fantastic Beasts and the Wait for the Next Movie

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Episode 23: Fantastic Beasts and the Wait for the Next Movie

The week Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out, Lexicon Tech Wizard Nick Moline just so happened to be on a business trip. On the way home, he stopped in Texas and together Steve and Nick (along with Steve’s wife Mitzi) watched the movie together. After watching the film, they couldn’t wait to sit down and talk about it, so for their first truly live podcast —  so without having to call each other remotely over Hangouts — Episode 23 is all about Fantastic Beasts.

Those of you who haven’t seen the film yet, you can listen to the first 20 minutes of the podcast before they break down and start talking spoilers.

Topics of Discussion

  • Isn’t it great that we now have 4 more films to anticipate and wait for, leading all the way to 2024 (and hopefully to 1945)
  • Why some people have issues with pacing (but we don’t)
  • How richly detailed the film is
  • Can we go see it again?

I won’t put the spoiler filled topics of discussion in the show notes (at least for now) but we go on for a good 40 minutes talking about various aspects of the film and what we think the rest of the franchise will include.

What Struck Us

At the end of the podcast in the “What Struck You” segment, Steve pointed out a site where there are ambient noise audio mixes of the various Hogwarts Common Rooms.  Nick was struck by a negative Cursed Child youtube review he had watched that week but particularly by something the reviewer said starting at 25 minutes 31 seconds into the review.  The reviewer (Austin Mcconnell) said “Harry Potter books are Mystery Books disguised as Fantasy Books, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a Time Travel Book disguised as a Harry Potter Book.”  While Nick disagrees with much of what the Reviewer had to say about Cursed Child, that statement had struck him as an interesting way to sum up what makes a Harry Potter book special.

Coming up next time

We end by discussing what is coming up for Episode 24 of the podcast.  Episode 24 will be a video podcast (we’ve already recorded it so it’s coming real soon) where we unbox the Loot Crate Wizarding World Crate #1 “Welcome to the Wizarding World.”

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Wrap Up

One quick note about the episode.  In between the time this was recorded and now Rowling confirmed that the movie series will run through to 1945 on twitter.  During the episode we speculated that it would span that length of time, but it is no longer speculation.

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you real soon on Episode 24 of the Harry Potter Lexicon Podcast.


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