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Professor Pomona Sprout

Professor Sprout ©2001 Laura Freeman. Birthday: May 15 (JKR).
Hair: gray, flyaway.
Distinguishing features: patched hat, dirty fingernails.
House: head of Hufflepuff.
Age: older? (because of the gray hair) .
Field: Herbology.
Favorite brand of fertilizer: dragon dung compost.

A squat little witch with fly-away gray hair who teaches Herbology at Hogwarts. In the greenhouses, Sprout must deal with a wide variety of magical plants, some of which are very strange and even dangerous. She handles them all with aplomb, even the Venomous Tentacula. Her robes and fingernails are often earthy (CS6), and her hat is patched (HBP14).

Professor Sprout also serves as Head of Hufflepuff House (GF36), and in true Hufflepuff spirit, proclaimed after Dumbledore's death, "I feel that if a single pupil wants to come, then the school ought to remain open for that pupil." (HBP29). She is kind and nurturing to the students, and surely encouraged Neville's penchant for Herbology because he was anxious to show her his Mimbulus mimbletonia (OP10).

She contributed a Devil's Snare to help guard the Philosopher's Stone (PS16), cultivated Mandrakes to cure the petrified Basilisk victims (CS9, 11, 18), tended to the injured Whomping Willow (CS6), and during the Battle of Hogwarts she led Neville and other students to attack the Death Eaters with the most vicious and threatening plants in the greenhouses (DH31).

 Sprout=English "to germinate, for example, a seed; also a young plant."
Pomona=Roman goddess of fruit trees.

Mirian Margolyes as Professor Sprout, copyright Warner Brothers.Professor Spout holding up a baby Mandrake, copyright Warner Brothers.Professor Sprout in the Movies
The role of Professor Sprout is played by Miriam Margolyes (IMDb).

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