Flesh-Eating Slug

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The Harry Potter Canon

"I was looking for Flesh-eatin' Slug Repellant, - They're ruinin' the school cabbages."

Rubeus Hagrid ~ CS4

Flesh-Eating Slug

Apparently a frightening creature, since one student was scared enough of them to have their Boggart turn into one (PA7). 

Hagrid once needed a repellent for Flesh-Eating Slugs that were getting into the cabbages, and went shopping for it in Knockturn Alley, as they were apparently unavailable in Diagon Alley.(CS4).



There really is a flesh-eating slug in the muggle world.  It eats worms with its razor sharp teeth.

It's unclear why flesh-eating slugs would cause a problem for cabbages, unless they also eat plants.

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