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A Louisiana swamp-monster with the head of a dog (Pm).

  • The wandmaker Violet Beauvais of New Orleans used mayhaw wood with a rougarou hair core, which was thought to give the wands a bent towards Dark Magic (Pm).



Possibly a corruption of the Lousiana Cajun-French "Loup Garou" or werewolf.


The rougarou in Cajun folklore according to the website Cryptoville

In modern times throughout Cajun Louisiana, the beast has developed several consistent characteristics: it’s described as standing between 7-8 feet tall, has horrible sharp teeth, and glowing red eyes.

It becomes its animal form on the night of the full moon. It could be anyone – neighbor, librarian, dentist. With all the storms and flooding in recent years, it’s thought the beast made its way into the city (New Orleans) because some city residents claim they have heard terrifying growls at night.  (Cited on the TV show, Destination Fear.)

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