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Blasting Curse

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The Harry Potter Canon

"As we were leaving,you know, the snake was coming for us, and so I cast a Blasting Curse, and it rebounded everywhere"
-- Hermione (DH17)

Blasting Curse

The Blasting Curse causes the target to explode.

History and Notes

  • In the All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition of 1420, Alberta Toothill defeated Samson Wiblin, who was the favorite, using a Blasting Curse (FW).

References from the canon

  • Cast by Harry at the sidecar that had fallen off the flying motorbike; it exploded, knocking one Death Eater off his broom and making another fall back (DH4).
  • Cast by Hermione in Bathilda Bagshot's house when Nagini was coming for her and Harry; the spell ricocheted around the room, exploding a mirror and destroying Harry's holly and Phoenix-feather wand. She later referred to it as the Blasting Curse (DH17).



"confringo" L. to smash, crush; to ruin, undo

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