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The term “Locomotor” is the first part of an incantation for a spell which moves an object. The spell word “Locomotor” is followed by a target word, which is the object to be moved.

References from the canon

  • Flitwick used Locomotor trunks to move Trelawney's belongings back up the main staircase, back to her lodgings (OP26)
  • Tonks used Locomotor Trunk to move Harry's trunk downstairs before flying off to Grimmauld Place (OP3).
  • McGonagall used Piertotum Locomotor to animate the statues and suits of armour, sending them into the battle of Hogwarts (DH30).
  • The term is also used in the incantation for the Leg-Locker Curse ("Locomotor Mortis") (PS13) and the incantation for the Jelly-Legs Curse ("Locomotor Wibbly") (Pm:SB), which suggests that the term is often used to direct a magical effect at the legs of the target.



Latin Loco meaning "from a place" + Motor meaning "keep moving"

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