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wand writing

Wand Writing

Emits an animated ribbon from the tip of the wand that spells words or forms numbers

References from the canon

  • Dumbledore used ribbon from his wand to form letters in air (PS7).
  • Tom Marvolo Riddle wrote his name in the air, then rearranged the letters (CS17)
  • The judges of the Triwizard Tournament showed scores with ribbons coming from their wands (GF20)



There seem to be different types of wand writing: writing in the air and using ribbons:

  • When Dumbledore used it, he gave his wand a little flick and a golden ribbon appeared in the air (PS7).
  • Tom Riddle used the wand to literally write letters in the air, so the message was not on a ribbon (CS16).
  • The judges shot ribbons with numbers into the air, which looked more like Dumbledore's ribbons (except Madame Maxime's ribbon was silver) (GF20).

At the second task of the Triwizard Tournement, the numbers were announced by Dumbledore, not projected into the sky (GF26).

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