• Event Monkstanley, who worked in the Department of Mysteries, invented the Wand-Lighting Charm purely to assist in finding things like dropped quills behind her desk. Her casual use of the charm at work came as a complete surprise to her co-workers (BoS). Read More
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Steve, Bel, Paula and I will be at Prophecy this week; if you see us wave Hi! If you’re wondering why my character pages are stuck in a time warp, well, that’s why. Steve has three presentations this week: Playing in Jo’s World Spend a little time looking… Read More
• Hogwarts Lighting at Hogwarts generally comes from candles and other fires since the castle does not use electricity. Read More
• Magical effects This unnamed light spell creates a handful of shimmering light accompanied by a crackling sound.  … Read More
• Spells The Wand-Lighting Charm causes a small beam of light to shine from the end of the caster’s wand. The light is a directed beam rather than a general light source. Read More
• Creature A member of the big cat family, and Kingsley Shacklebolt’s Patronus messenger. Read More