Magical Menagerie

The Magical Menagerie is a very crowded pet store in Diagon Alley, noisy with the sounds of all the animals, where Hermione bought Crookshanks. The proprietor is a witch who wears heavy black spectacles. She offers advice and sells things like rat tonic. Other creatures for sale included:

  • enormous purple toads
  • gigantic tortoise with jewel-encrusted shell (probably a Fire-Crab)
  • poisonous orange snails (Streelers?)
  • a fat white rabbit that changed into a top hat and back
  • cats of every color
  • noisy cage of ravens
  • custard-colored furballs (probably Puffskeins)
  • sleek, black rats, rather more intelligent than normal rats

The Magical Menagerie was visited by Harry, Ron and Hermione in August of 1993 when Ron goes to get rat tonic for Scabbers and Hermione purchases Crookshanks (PA4).


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