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Coastal city in the southern United States in Georgia, one of the original thirteen colonies.

  • Home of Madam Seraphina Picquery, head of MACUSA during the 1920s (Pm)



While there are many places called "Savannah" in the United States since the word means "grassy place," the most prominent city of historical importance with that name is in Georgia on the Atlantic coast surrounded by grassy marshland and beaches. We can probably assume this is the city J.K. Rowling is referring to on Pottermore in the context of other early historical places such as New Orleans and New York. - SIP

Savannah became a ghost tour sensation after the publication of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. There are many historic buildings and graveyards going back to British colonial days as well as the Civil War. Pirates also once frequented the shores there.

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