• Character The Earl of Paunchley was a 15th Century Muggle nobleman from Poppleton, England, who made the lives of those around him miserable with his demands (BoS). Read More
• Historical events The Eastern Front was a large area of eastern Europe where much fighting took place during World War I. It included the Russian Empire and Romania on one side and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire, and the German Empire on the other. Newt Scamander was stationed on the Eastern… Read More
• Source Rowling gave this interview for the Edinburgh International Film Festival on August 15, 2004, then posted it on her website. Read More
• Character Edmund Gaddlegate was a Muggle boy who lived in the village of Poppleton, England in the late 15th century. (BoS)… Read More
• Character Ekrizdis was a homicidal, probably insane wizard who built a dark fortress for himself on a remote North Sea island. He hid the island away from both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds with Concealment charms. Ekrizdis was reputed to lure and capture Muggle sailors to his island lair where he tortured and… Read More
• Character Elias Story is the identity Isolt Sayre assumes when fleeing from her aunt, Gormlaith Gaunt, and sailing to North America on the Mayflower. Elias is a Muggle boy who fits in better with the shipful of Puritans than a witch would (Pm). Read More
• Event President McGillicuddy presides over the “Country or Kind?” debate of 1777, when witches and wizards from all over North America decided whether or not to become involved in the American Revolutionary War. The Ministry of Magic in London sent a message saying “Sitting this one out.” President McGillicuddy responded “Mind… Read More
• Character Queen Elizabeth I was the Muggle Queen of England and Ireland, from November 1558 until her death in March 1603. Known as the Virgin Queen, she was the last Tudor monarch. Her reign was known as the Elizabethan period. Read More
• Character Ellen Cracknell was a Muggle woman and a member of the Umbridge family. She was married to a wizard named Orford Umbridge. The couple had two children together. The first was Dolores Umbridge. Their younger child, a son, was a squib. Although they were married for more than fifteen years,… Read More
• Furniture and household items Tea sets are amongst the many Muggle artifacts to have been enchanted with disastrous effects. Read More
• Podcast Episode
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This is an encore broadcast of the first Harry Potter Lexicon Podcast from June of 2011.  Welcome to the Harry Potter Lexicon Podcast, in this first episode: Steve introduces the podcast thanks a few people reminiscing about visiting the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow the missing twenty-four hours the mystery… Read More
• Event The 1966 FIFA World Cup win by England over Germany in Muggle football may have been influenced by the then Minister for Magic, Nobby Leach. Leach was the first Muggle-born to be appointed as Minister for Magic and was suspected of using magic to ensure the… Read More
• Sports and competitions All-England Best Kept Suburban Lawn Competition is an invented contest; the Order of the Phoenix used this as a ploy to get the Dursleys out of the house, so members of the Order could come and take Harry Potter safely to Grimmauld Place (OP3). It was Tonks’ idea to… Read More
• Character Eric Whalley was a Muggle child who lived in the same orphanage as Tom Marvolo Riddle (HBP13). Read More
• Schools Eton College is a famous private boys’ boarding school in England. Justin Finch-Fletchley once told Harry that his name was down for Eton before he found out he was a wizard and elected to attend Hogwarts instead (CS6). Read More
• Podcast Episode In a recent Harry Potter Minute, we discussed instances in the books where two seemingly unrelated characters have the same last name. We’ve already covered two of the three instances, the Smiths and the Gudgeons. But a third set caused quite the fuss back in the day, and is the… Read More
• Event Harry accompanies Dudley, Piers Polkiss, Aunt Petunia, and Uncle Vernon to the zoo, where he unknowingly uses Parseltongue to speak with a boa constrictor. When Dudley notices and comes running, the glass of the snake’s enclosure mysteriously disappears and the snake escapes. Read More