Battle Dark Magic Spells

Impediment Curse

Stops an object or slows it down.

References from the canon

  • Harry learned this spell to use in the third task. Ron also learned it, using it to stop a bee in midair. Harry used it to good effect on the Acromantula and on the huge Blast-Ended Skrewt (GF29, GF31).
  • Madam Hooch used this to knock Harry away from Draco as they were fighting after a Quidditch match (OP19).
  • Harry taught the D.A. to use this (OP21).
  • Harry saw his father use this on Snape in the Pensieve (OP28)
  • The Impediment Jinx was used by Death Eaters and by Harry during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries (OP35)
  • Harry used this on Inferi in the cave (HBP26)
  • Harry used this on Amycus Carrow while the latter was duelling Ginny during the Battle of the Tower. Later Harry cast it on either Amycus or on Alecto Carrow when they tried to catch him from behind, and still later he attempted to cast it on Snape (HBP28).
  • Cast by Harry on a Death Eater just after the sidecar he was riding in broke off the flying motorbike (DH4).



"impedimentum" L. hindrance

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