• Wizarding culture Hallowe’en is a holiday celebrated by both the Muggle and wizarding worlds. It falls on the 31st of October every year. Hogwarts celebrations Hallowe’en at Hogwarts is the occasion of seasonal decorations and an evening feast (PS10, CS8, PA8, GF16). Decorations include a thousand live… Read More
• Dark magic items The Hand of Glory is a magical object which gives light only to the holder. It looks like a shriveled arm. Read More
• Place The “village pub” in Little Hangleton, this is the place where the villagers gathered the night Tom Marvolo Riddle killed his father and grandparents, to gossip about the murders. Among the villagers present that evening were the Riddles’ cook and Dot, who remained permanently convinced that gardener Frank Bryce was… Read More
• Churches and graveyards After Voldemort killed his father and paternal grandparents, they were buried in the graveyard by the church in Little Hangleton (GF1). This, then, is also where Harry was taken by Portkey, saw Cedric Diggory killed and Voldemort reborn, and duelled Voldemort in 1995 (GF34). Read More
• Character Harfang Munter was the second Head of the Durmstrang Institute, succeeding founder Nerida Vulchanova. Munter established the school’s tradition of teaching combat and martial magic – and it’s reputation for the Dark Arts (Pm). Read More
• Quote Harry is not, and never has been, a saint. Like Snape, he is flawed and mortal. Harry’s faults are primarily anger and occasional arrogance. On this occasion, he is very angry and acts accordingly. He is also in an extreme situation, and attempting to defend somebody very good against a violent and… Read More
• Event After Voldemort struck him down with the Killing Curse in the Forbidden Forest (DH33), Harry finds himself lying naked and without his glasses on a sort of floor surrounded by a bright white mist. Slowly his surroundings take on the shape of King’s Cross Station in London, and when… Read More
• Event One morning, while staying at the black ancestral home, Grimmauld Place, Harry woke up early and started to look around (DH10). He walked up to the top most landing where he saw two doors, one was labelled Sirius, which Harry entered first. This had been the first time that… Read More
• Event After getting the message about the lesson from Luna Harry arrives at his lesson with Dumbledore – having forgotten to do his homework and get the full memory from Slughorn. They watch two memories. In the first, Riddle visits Hepzibah Smith and sees what will become one of his horcruxes days before… Read More
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After thinking carefully through the various factors involved, I cannot help but conclude that the most logical scenario, based on all the available evidence, is that Harry is a Horcrux. I will structure this essay in four sections. First, I will discuss the background. Second, I will discuss the evidence indicating that Harryis a Horcrux. Read More
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Since the arrival of Half-Blood Prince on July 16th, 2005, Harry Potter fans have been endlessly searching for Horcruxes. We find ourselves repeating the Horcrux possibilities just like Harry does in Half-Blood Prince: “the cup, the locket, the snake, something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw’s . . . .” (HBP30). Several Horcrux identity theories have been circulating, with claims ranging from Tom Riddle’s mouth organ to Gryffindor’s old toothbrush. After reading… Read More
• Event For this important Gryffindor v Slytherin Quidditch match – Harry Potter’s first ever, Harry’s friends in the audience support him with a banner reading “Potter for President” and cheer him on. From the stands, Professor Quirrell tries to knock Harry off his broom with magic during the… Read More
• Event After receiving an emotional high from hearing familiar voices and support on Potterwatch, Harry accidentally lets slip Voldemort’s name, which is taboo to speak. It breaks all of their protective enchantments and brings a group of Snatchers, led by werewolf Fenrir Greyback, to the Trio’s location. An… Read More
• Diseases and healing Harry Potter had several scars caused by various dangerous situations. Read More
• Event After emerging from the pensieve and realizing that he is a Horcrux and must be killed (DH33), Harry starts walking towards the forest. He is at once terrified and numb. He reflects on how precious life is. He has his Invisibility Cloak on as he passes by the Great… Read More
• Source Harry attends his first lesson with Albus Dumbledore, who explains that they will be delving into Lord Voldemort’s past via the Pensieve. In Bob Ogden’s memory, they go to Marvolo Gaunt’s house to see about his son, Morfin, who has broken wizarding law… Read More
• Source Harry tries one of the Half-Blood Prince’s spells while reading in bed and levitates Ron by accident. He argues with Hermione over the danger of the Prince, and gets word of his next lesson with Professor Dumbledore. They then walk to Hogsmeade, where… Read More
• Source Harry has his second lesson with Albus Dumbledore, where they briefly discuss Mundungus Fletcher and Draco Malfoy. Dumbledore discusses Merope with Harry again. Together, they then view a memory of Dumbledore’s, where he visits Voldemort’s orphanage and invites an eleven-year-old Tom Riddle to… Read More
• Source After arriving back at Hogwarts, Harry chats with Hermione about Ron and Draco Malfoy. He learns that apparition lessons are coming, and finds that both Ron and Ginny Weasley seem disenchanted with their relationships. He then has a lesson with Albus Dumbledore, where… Read More
• Source Harry gives Horace Slughorn a bezoar instead of an antidote in Potions class, then asks him unsuccessfully about Horcruxes. The sixth-years then have their first apparition lesson, where Harry overhears Draco Malfoy saying Crabbe has been acting as his lookout, and… Read More
• Source Ginny Weasley fights with Dean Thomas and Ron breaks up with Lavender Brown. Luna Lovegood delivers a message to Harry of a lesson with Albus Dumbledore, and Harry arrives at the lesson to find Professor Trelawney being asked to leave. Dumbledore makes… Read More
• Source Harry learns that Professor Dumbledore has returned, races off to his office. Together they watch Horace Slughorn’s memory, where Tom Riddle learns what Horcruxes are and contemplates making more than one. Dumbledore explains his suspicions that Riddle made six, including the now-destroyed ring… Read More
• Source Ron and Ginny Weasley are both single again. Katie Bell returns to Hogwarts, but can’t remember what happened to her. Harry sees Draco Malfoy with Moaning Myrtle on the Marauder’s Map and runs to eavesdrop, but is shocked when he sees Malfoy… Read More
• Source Hermione finds out about Eileen Prince through research in the library and she thinks Eileen may be connected to the Half-Blood Prince. Professor Dumbledore asks Harry to come to his office immediately. On the way there, Harry runs into Professor Trelawney, learning… Read More
• Source Harry and Albus Dumbledore enter the sea cave where Lord Voldemort has hidden a Horcrux. After swimming to the entrance, Dumbledore splatters it with his blood to gain entry and they take a hidden boat across a lake. Protecting the Horcrux there is a… Read More
• Source Harry and Dumbledore return to Hogsmeade and see the Dark Mark over Hogwarts. They fly to the top of the Astronomy Tower, where Draco appears and disarms Dumbledore, but can’t bring himself to kill him. Dumbledore tries to convince Draco to come to the good side.  Before Malfoy can decide… Read More
• Source Snape, Malfoy and the Death Eaters flee, and Harry gives chase. He runs through a raging battle involving the Order and tries unsuccessfully to curse Snape. Snape reveals that he is the Half-Blood Prince. Hagrid’s hut is set ablaze and the Death Eaters escape. Harry and Hagrid then put out the… Read More
• Source Narcissa calls on Snape in secret against Voldemort‘s orders. Bellatrix tries to stop her but joins her at Snape’s house anyway. Snape prevents Wormtail‘s eavesdropping and tells Bellatrix his story, though she still refuses to trust him. Narcissa then reveals that Voldemort has ordered… Read More
• Books and Literature The Heir of Slytherin is one of several Dark Magic books in the Minister for Magic’s office. It is a book about Lord Voldemort (CC1.19). Minister Hermione Granger kept this book in the booby-trapped bookcase (CC1.19). Read More
• Character Hepzibah Smith was an immense, “very old, very rich witch” who collected magical antiques antiques and befriended Tom Marvolo Riddle in his role with Borgin and Burkes. She was distantly related to Helga Hufflepuff. Hepzibah lived in a grand house filled with so many possessions that it was difficult to walk… Read More
• Character Hereward was a mad wizard who locked his own father Godelot in his cellar, stealing the Elder Wand from him and leaving him to die (TBB, DH21). He lived in medieval times (TBB).  … Read More
• Character Herpo the Foul was an ancient Greek Dark wizard and the first known creator of a Basilisk. Read More
• Event Herpo the Foul, who is perhaps the original evil wizard in history, is the first to create a Horcrux successfully. He created only one horcrux; Voldemort was the first to split his soul multiple times. Read More
• Magical effects A form of magic or class of spells that defend the caster against hexes.  … Read More
• Character A house-elf who was bound to serve Hepzibah Smith, and was quite elderly when Tom Marvolo Riddle was a young man. He framed her for accidentally causing the death of Hepzibah Smith by poisoning the woman’s cocoa. To ensure her conviction, Riddle even modified Hokey’s memory so that she would confess (HBP20). Read More
• Dark magic items A Horcrux is ‘the receptacle in which a Dark wizard has hidden a fragment of his soul for the purposes of attaining immortality’ (JKR). ‘The receptacle is prepared by dark magic to become the receptacle of a fragmented piece of soul and that that piece of soul deliberately detached from… Read More
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A few days ago, Entertainment Weekly posted “A definitive timeline of every Harry Potter Horcrux.” I sure wish they’d research these things better before publishing them. Because they’re a mainstream magazine and because they’ve clearly been given a certain level a special access to the Fantastic Beasts team, fans… Read More
• Magical effects Transfigures the target’s tongue to a bony substance resembling horn, presumably. Read More
• Dark magic items • Magical objects One of Voldemort’s Horcruxes; a small, magical golden cup with two finely wrought handles, engraved with a badger (Helga Hufflepuff’s device) and inherited by the Smith family from Hufflepuff. (HBP20)… Read More
• Spells A nasty kind of hex that can be placed on a broom. The effect is presumably to make the target broom attempt to hurl its rider off. Read More