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Dragon Pox cure

"Not only is the Muggle world free of such perils as Devil's Snare and Blast-Ended Skrewts, the Statute of Secrecy has also kept us free from contact with anyone who could pass on Dragon Pox (as the name implies, originally contracted by wizards working closely with Peruvian Vipertooths)."
-- J K Rowling, writing on Pottermore (Pm)

Dragon Pox cure

The Dragon Pox cure treats the alarming, disfiguring, contagious and sometimes fatal wizarding disease of Dragon Pox.

The talented and much-loved healer Gunhilda of Gorsemoor developed a cure for Dragon Pox in the 16th century (FW).

Professor Helbert Spleen, however, replies to Howland Coopey’s letter about his symptoms in the Daily Prophet that Dragon Pox will go away of its own accord. This advice seems to be an error and hopefully Mr Coopey will take himself into the hospital as soon as possible for the proper cure (DP3).

Dragon Pox is treated on the second floor of St Mungo’s Hospital (OP22).



Although the date printed on the third Daily Prophet Newsletter (DP3) is 1 June 1999, the timeframe for this event is 1992-1993.

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