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Murtlap bite

...if it was really serious—he’d have . . . Well, the first symptom would be flames out of his anus—
-- Newt Scamander (WFT)

Murtlap bite

The bite from the rat-like Murtlap initially causes the victim to pass out. While not considered serious, there can be side-effects within 48 hours, such as flames erupting from their bottoms. Therefore victims should be monitored closely (WFT).

  • In 1926, No-Maj Jacob Kowalski of New York City was bitten by a Murtlap which escaped from British magizoologist Newt Scamander's suitcase. He was rendered unconscious for a while, but suffered no other side-effects. Ex-Auror Tina Goldstein took him to her apartment and kept him under observation (WFT).


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