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Instant Darkness Powder

Look, Instant Darkness Powder, we're importing it from Peru. Handy if you want to make a quick escape." -- George Weasley (HBP6)

Instant Darkness Powder

When thrown into the air, turns the immediate area pitch black so that common light spells and fire magic will not work in the area of effect, although a Hand of Glory will (HBP29).

  • The Weasley Twins imported Instant Darkness Powder from Peru and sold it in their shop in Diagon Alley (HBP6)
  • When Draco used it during the Battle of the Tower, Ginny said neither Lumos nor Incendio would work against the darkness (HBP29).

Draco asked his father to buy him the Hand of Glory in Year Two at Borgin and Burke's story in Knockturn Alley (CS4). It enabled Draco to see during the Battle of the Tower in spite of the Instant Darkness Powder (HBP29)


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