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Wizard card for Joscelind Wadcock.Wadcock, Joscelind Quidditch Chocolate Frog Card

(b. 1911)

A famous Puddlemere United Chaser (fw78).

Wizard card for Adalbert Waffling. Waffling, Adalbert Author Chocolate Frog Card

(1899 - 1981)

Famous magical theoretician and the author of Magical Theory (PS5, fw74).

The dates given for Waffling do not work when we learn in Deathly Hallows that Dumbledore corresponded with him while in school. Dumbledore had left Hogwarts by the time Waffling was born, according to these dates.

"To waffle" is to not get to the point and say things that you don't need to say -- Simon Jeffrey.

Wagga Wagga Werewolf

The object of one of Gilderoy Lockhart's adventures, if you believe the Lockhart version of the story (CS).

Wagstaff, "Honest Willy" Merchant.

Street peddler who was accused by the Ministry of selling defective wands and loose-bottomed cauldrons in Diagon Alley. The wands caused burns to a number of people (DP).

Wizard card for Myron Wagtail. Wagtail, Myron music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card

(b. 1970)

Lead singer of popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters (fw92).

Wailing Widow Ghost.

A ghost from Kent that attended Nearly Headless Nick’s five hundredth deathday party (CS8).

Wakanda Ministry of Magic

An “elderly witch” with blonde hair that “resembled an anthill,” who presumably works at the Ministry of Magic. When Harry and Ron infiltrated the Ministry, disguised as Runcorn and Reg Cattermole, they were riding the lift when they ran into Arthur Weasley mid-conversation with Wakanda. Arthur seemed to be sympathizing with the witch, though disagreeing, but it’s hard to know exactly since he broke off mid-conversation upon seeing Runcorn. Runcorn seems to have that effect on people (DH13).

Wizard card for Celestina Warbeck.Warbeck, Celestina music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card

(b. 1917)

Known as the “Singing Sorceress” (CS3), Celestina Warbeck is, with the Weird Sisters, one of the two most well-known recording artists in the wizarding world (fw). Her hits include “A Cauldron Full Of Hot, Strong Love” and “You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me” (HBP16), and she also recorded a version of the Puddlemere United team anthem as a benefit for St. Mungo's (QA7). Concerts she has played include Liverpool (DP2) and Exmoor (JKR), and she is known to perform with a group of backup banshees (DP4). Miss Warbeck also sings Christmas Concerts on the WWN, which the Weasley family listens to enthusiastically (more or less) (HBP16).

"celesta" = keyboard instrument: a musical instrument with keys that are played to make hammers strike metal plates, making a soft tinkling sound (the tinkling, magic-sounding instrument which plays "Hedwig's Theme" in the film soundtracks).
"Warble" = English for "trilling notes, as in a bird song."

Warrington, (C. ?) Slytherin Quidditch Inquisitorial Squad

(b. circa 1977)

Slytherin 1988 - 1996 Quidditch team Chaser, Inquisitorial Squad.

Described by Dean Thomas as "that big bloke from Slytherin who looks like a sloth" (GF16). Probably the same as the C. Warrington who checkedQuidditch Through the Ages out of the library (13 November) (QA). While a member of the Inquisitorial Squad (and coincidentally just before a big match with Gryffindor), Warrington suffered an attack that left him with a horrible skin ailment which made him look as though he had been coated in cornflakes (OP30).

Fabius Watkins, copyright LightmakerWatkins, Fabius Quidditch

(1940 - 1975)

Legendary Captain and Chaser for the Montrose Magpies who died in freak collision with helicopter.

JKR's Wizard of the Month for May, 2006 (JKR).

Wazlib, Roonil

Eight months after buying a Spell-Check Quill from Fred and George, Ron discovered that the charm was wearing off. It changed his writing to spell 'belligerent' beginning with a B-U-M, 'augury' with an O-R-G, and his own name as 'Roonil Wazlib.' Fortunately, Hermione was willing to spend about twenty minutes correcting all the misspellings in the essay Ron was writing for Snape (HBP21). Probably that same night, Ron also used the same quill to write his name inside his copy of Advanced Potion-Making. This was less than fortunate for Harry, who later borrowed Ron’s book and tried to claim it as his own. When Snape discovered the name 'Roonil Wazlib' inside the front cover, Harry tried to claim it as his nickname. Snape, of course, wasn’t convinced (HBP24).

Weasley family

See also detailed entry on the family in general; for each member of the family, follow that person's link to detailed entry.

For Weasley family members whose surnames are unknown, you can find them on the A-Z list under their first name.

Weatherby Ministry of Magic

When Percy Weasley worked for Barty Crouch, Sr., he referred to Percy by this name, indicating that Percy perhaps hadn’t made as much of an impression as he’d have liked (GF7).

Weird Sisters music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card

See Weird Sisters entry under music, rhymes, and dance.

Welcome Witch Magical medicine.

This is the title used to refer to the receptionist at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Despite her title, she doesn’t seem to be too welcoming (OP22).

Wizard card for Dorcas Wellbeloved. Wellbeloved, Dorcas Chocolate Frog Card

(1812 - 1904)

Founder of the Society for Distressed Witches (fw).

Wizard Card for Wendelin the Weird. Wendelin the Weird Chocolate Frog card

(medieval; dates unknown)

Witch in Middle Ages who enjoyed being burned at the stake (PA1, fw19).

Bridget Wenlock, copyright LightmakerWenlock, Bridget Chocolate Frog Card Hufflepuff

(1202 - 1285)

Famous Arithmancer who discovered the magical properties of the number seven (fw, JKR) Wenlock was famously paranoid about other witches and wizards copying her ideas, which led her to write her notes in invisible ink. Unfortunately, she was also very absent-minded, which resulted in many hours spent casting a Revealing Charm on various scraps of paper, tying to locate some important theory or calculation. Bridget lived in Tinworth (Pm).

Wenlock was J.K. Rowling's Wizard of the month for August 2005 (JKR).

Whisp, Kennilworthy Quidditch Author

Author of Quidditch Through the Ages, The Wonder of Wigtown Wanderers, He Flew Like a Madman, and Beating the Bludgers. He lives in Nottinghamshire. His hobbies are backgammon, vegetarian cookery, and collecting vintage broomsticks (QA).

"Wisp" = Old English for a small bundle of straw (such as the end of a broom).
Perhaps related to "will-o'-the-wisp", (where wisp relates to the tendril of smoke from a candle which floats away on the air), and therefore "something which deludes or misleads."

Whitby, Kevin Hufflepuff

(b. circa 1983)

Hufflepuff 1994 - 2001.

The last new Hogwarts student to be sorted during Harry’s fourth year (GF12).

Whitby is the seacoast town on the border of the North York Moors that Bram Stoker visited while writing Dracula, and in which part of the story is set.

Devlin Whitethorn, copyright Lightmaker. Whitehorn, Devlin Quidditch Quidditch Merchant. Chocolate Frog Card

(b. 1945)

Founded the Nimbus Racing Broom Company in 1967, revolutionizing Quidditch (fw, QA9).

"Wizard of the Month" for November 2004 on JK Rowling's website (JKR).

Wiblin, Samson

(c. 1400s)

Duelist who was favored to win the All-England Dueling Competition in 1430. He was defeated by Alberta Toothill instead, with a Blasting Charm (fw27).

Widdershins, Willy

A ne'er-do-well fellow who set up a series of regurgitating toilets to confound the Muggles. Arthur Weasley spent some time tracking him down and hushing up the incidents in question. Willy was caught in the explosion of one of the toilets and was captured. He was quite badly injured and spent some time heavily bandaged. Willy happened to be in the Hog's Head and overheard the first meeting of the D.A. He reported this to Umbridge and Fudge let him go without prosecution as a reward (OP22, OP27).

"Widdershins" = English for counter-clockwise or in a contrary direction (AHD).

Wiggleswade, Dempster

Writer for the Daily Prophet's problem page (DP).

Wigworthy, Wilhelm Author

Author of Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles (FB).

Ignatia Wildsmith, copyright LightmakerWildsmith, Ignatia Spells. Chocolate Frog Card Ravenclaw

(1227 - 1320)

Invented Floo Powder (fw23, Pm).

Wildsmith was the "Wizard of the Month" on JKR's website for December 2004 (JKR).

"ignis" = Latin for fire.

Wilfred the Wistful portrait, tapestry, sculpture

After encountering Harry on his way to the Owlery, Mrs. Norris disappeared behind a statue of this wizard when she set out to report to Filch (OP14).

Wilkes Slytherin Death Eater

(b. late 1950s or early 1960s - c. 1980)

A Death Eater who was in a gang with Severus Snape at Hogwarts (GF27), and was killed along with Rosier by Aurors c. 1980 (GF30).

Will magical creatures

Wizard who stole a load of toads from Warty Harris, then was tricked when Mundungus Fletcher stole the toads from Will and sold them back to him (OP5).

Williams, Benjy Quidditch

Seeker for Puddlemere United Quidditch team (DP).

Williamson Ministry of Magic

Auror, wearing scarlet robes and with long hair in a ponytail. Williamson accompanied Fudge when the Minister arrived at the Ministry of Magic after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries (OP36). He was probably the scarlet-robed, ponytailed Auror seen in Auror headquarters with his feet up, dictating a report to his quill (OP7).

Willis, Heliotrope magical creatures

Witch; leader of the Troll Rights Movement. Some would say she’s taken one too many knocks to the head from mis-aimed troll clubs (DP).

"heliotrope" - an old name for several kinds of flower that turn towards the sun, such as sunflowers and marigolds; now used to refer to plants that are members of the borage family (NSOED). Heliotrope is also the surname of one of the characters of The Little White Horse, JKR's favorite book as a child.

Wimple, Gilbert Spells. Ministry of Magic

Ministry wizard, Committee on Experimental Charms. Wimple had horns at the World Cup in 1994, and might still (GF7).

"wimple" = Medieval Europe: a cloth covering for a woman's head and neck that looks rather horn-like.

Wizard card for Herman Wintringham.Wintringham, Herman music, rhymes, and dance Chocolate Frog Card

(b. 1974)

Plays lute with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters (fw96).

"witch at Inquiries desk At St. Mungo's"

A bored and irritable "plump blonde" who directs people to the proper wards at the hospital (OP22).

"witch with a hairy chin" magical creatures

The witch who actually banished the Bandon Banshee. Gilderoy Lockhart apparently met her, heard her story, performed a Memory Charm on her, and claimed her feat for himself (CS16).

Formerly witch with a harelip. In 2004 Bloomsbury officially amended the original text [see full list of book 2 changes]

Wizard card for Lord Stoddard Withers. Withers, Lord Stoddard magical creatures QuidditchChocolate Frog Card

(1642 - 1769)

A specialist in magical creatures, Lord Withers created a sport similar to Quidditch, but played on flying horses, though it never generated much interest (fw48).

"withers" = English for the part of the back of a horse located between the shoulder blades (the highest part of the back and the point at which wings might be expected to be attached).

"wizard in plus-fours" Ministry of Magic

One of the Ministry of Magic officials who obliviated the Muggle campground manager Mr. Roberts the during the Quidditch World Cup (GF7).

Plus-fours are loose golf pants which extend below the knee, usually worn with argyle socks.

"wizard with a walrus mustache" portrait, tapestry, sculpture

His portrait hangs in the Great Hall antechamber next to Violet's (GF16).

Wood, Mr. and Mrs.

Introduced to Harry by his son Oliver at the Quidditch World Cup (GF7).

Wood, Oliver GryffindorQuidditch

(b. 1976)

Gryffindor (1987 - 1994, Quidditch team Captain/Keeper 1990-1994, and possibly earlier.

"Burly" Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team when Harry arrived at Hogwarts, and possibly the most passionate Quidditch fanatic in the school (PS7). Oliver is known for giving particularly lengthy, impassioned locker room speeches (PS11, CS7, PA8), and gets quite depressed after losses (PA9). Fred Weasley once pointed out, fairly, that Wood might have “bumped off” the entire Slytherin Quidditch team, except that he wouldn’t have gotten away with it (HBP19). After leaving Hogwarts, Oliver signed with Puddlemere United Reserve Team, summer 1994 (GF7). See also Conjuring Spells for PS/f.

Though he graduated two years before the inception of Dumbledore’s Army, Oliver did return to Hogwarts to fight in the final battle against Voldemort (DH30, DH34).

Worme, Augustus Author

Editor at Obscurus Books who, in 1918, commissioned an authoritative compendium of magical creatures by a lowly Ministry employee by the name of Newt Scamander (FB).

Wormtail, SEE Peter Pettigrew.

Worple, Eldred Member of the "Slug Club." magical creatures Author

Author of Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires and a guest at Slughorn's Christmas party with his friend Sanguini. Described as a "a small, stout, bespectacled man." (HBP15).

Wizard card for Bowman Wright.Wright, Bowman Quidditch Chocolate Frog Card

(1492 - 1560* acc. to fw34)

A metal charmer from Godric's Hollow in the 1300s* who invented the Golden Snitch, which immediately replaced the Golden Snidget in games of Quidditch (QA4, fw34).

*There is some discrepancy as to when Bowman lived; according to his Famous Wizards card, it was from 1492-1560, but Quidditch Through the Ages claims he invented the Golden Snitch in the 1300s. Clearly, one source is wrong. Wright was the "Wizard of the Month" for December 2005 on

"wright" = English craftsman.

Wronski, Josef Quidditch

Polish Seeker for the Grodzisk Goblins who invented the dangerous but exciting Wronski Feint (QA8, QA10).


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