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"Draco Malfoy, the amazing, bouncing ferret."
-- Ron (GF13)


A ferret is a weasel-like animal typically kept as a pet.

  • Someone wrote to the Daily Prophet's Problem Page to ask if the Ministry would look the other way if he turned his brother's children into blood-sucking ferrets (the answer was 'no') (DP)
  • Buckbeak enjoys a plate of dead ferrets (PA14).
  • Mad-Eye Moody once turned Draco into one (GF13).
  • Mortlake was taken away for questioning about some extremely odd ferrets (CS3).
  • During the practical portion of the Transfiguration O.W.L., Hannah Abbott turned her ferret into a flock of flamingos, temporarily halting the test (OP31).
  • Brother Benedict, a Franciscan monk, wrote about his account with a giant talking ferret, but his account was attributed to too much turnip wine. It is likely he actually encountered a Jarvey (FB).



The name 'ferret' is derived from the Latin furittus, meaning 'little thief.'

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