Freezing Charm

The Freezing Charm is a spell which immobilizes objects or creatures.


References from the canon

  • Hermione uses a "simple Freezing Charm" on the Cornish Pixies in Lockhart's Defence Against the Dark Arts class after his "Peskipiksi Pesternomi" spell doesn't work. (CS6)
  • According to Slughorn, one simple Freezing Charm will disable a Muggle burglar alarm (HBP4).
  • When dueling on Pottermore, the spell used is "Immobulus" while on the Lego Chamber of Secrets game it is "Immobilus." See Game Walkthrough Here.



From the Latin “immobilis” = unmovable


Contained in Miranda Goshawk's Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2, on Pottermore which can be accessed by going to the Flourish and Blotts page and buying the book, or gathering it somewhere.

Inconsistancy: Pottermore lists the Freezing Charm as being used only on living things (such as pixies) while Slughorn said it could be used on inanimate objects such as burglar alarms.

In the Chamber of Secrets movie, Hermione Granger uses the incantation "Immobulus" on the Cornish Pixies, while Remus Lupin uses the same on the Whomping Willow during the Time-Turner sequence in the film version of Prisoner of Azkaban (apparently Hermione never thought of it when she and Harry were being whomped by the tree).

in Lego video game, the incantation is spelled "Imobilus"

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