Atlas of the Wizarding World / Hogwarts castle and grounds
Atlas of the Wizarding World Hogwarts

Map of Hogwarts Castle: Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Places of Interest

  • The Entrance Hall
  • The Great Hall
  • The Staff Room
  • Filch’s office
  • Classroom 11

Note: numbers are added to indicate possible classrooms but those rooms are not further identified.


The Entrance Hall seems to be the normal meeting place for students. The Great Hall hosts feasts, balls, the short-lived Duelling Club, and even the odd slumber party (thanks to Sirius). Remus Lupin began a memorable year in the Staff Room, by making Neville turn Snape the Boggart into Snape the Transvestite.

Secrets and Spells

Unhelpful gargoyles guard the entrance to the Staff Room. At Christmas, the Great Hall is filled with twelve trees by Hagrid, who also grows enormous pumpkins that are lit for Halloween.

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These maps takes the details from the books into account as well as the standard structure and architecture of castles. While not canon, this map is certainly one of the most well-researched and historically accurate blueprints of Hogwarts that anyone could create. Note that Robertson turns the Great Hall 90 degrees from the plans elsewhere in the Lexicon.

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