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Map of Hogwarts Castle: Sixth Floor

Sixth Floor

Places of Interest

  • Boy’s bathroom

Note: numbers are added to indicate possible classrooms but those rooms are not further identified.


Harry spots Malfoy in this bathroom, and (for some reason) decides to investigate. He walks in on Malfoy and Myrtle. Malfoy is crying, but stops to throw a Cruciatus Curse at Harry, who parries it with Sectumsempra. At Myrtle’s screams of “MURDER! MURDER IN THE BATHROOM!” Snape rushes in, and performs a spell to save Malfoy’s life.

Secrets and Spells

The bathroom on this floor saw Harry’s first successful attempt at performing a Dark spell (Sectumsempra).



These maps takes the details from the books into account as well as the standard structure and architecture of castles. While not canon, this map is certainly one of the most well-researched and historically accurate blueprints of Hogwarts that anyone could create. The sixth floor was a mystery until the release of Half-Blood Prince. Until then, nothing had ever been mentioned about what might be on that floor.

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