Atlas of the Wizarding World / Hogwarts castle and grounds
Atlas of the Wizarding World Hogwarts

Map of Hogwarts Castle: Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor

Places of Interest

  • Prefect’s Bathroom
  • Swamp (courtesy of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes)
  • Statue of Gregory the Smarmy and secret corridor
  • Possible entrance to Ravenclaw common room and dormitories

Note: numbers are added to indicate possible classrooms but those rooms are not further identified.


Prefects, Quidditch captains, the Head Boy and Girl, and Moaning Myrtle are allowed to use the Prefect’s Bathroom. Harry took his golden egg into this bath with him at Cedric’s suggestion, watched by Myrtle (this is the best mood we see her in, through the entire series). To protest the Umbridge tyrrany of Fifth Year, Fred and George decided that it would be appropriate to turn a corridor in the East Wing into a swamp. Filch spent some time furiously ferrying students across, before Flitwick removed it with a wave of his wand.

Secrets and Spells

There is a secret corridor concealed by a statue of Gregory the Smarmy, which the Weasley twins discovered.



These maps takes the details from the books into account as well as the standard structure and architecture of castles. While not canon, this map is certainly one of the most well-researched and historically accurate blueprints of Hogwarts that anyone could create.

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