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Atlas of the Wizarding World Hogwarts

Map of Hogwarts Castle: Third Floor

Third Floor

Places of Interest

  • Trophy Room
  • Armor gallery
  • The Charms corridor
  • Fluffy’s corridor

Note: numbers are added to indicate possible classrooms but those rooms are not further identified.


When Filch nearly catches Harry and Ron waiting for Malfoy to appear, they sneak into the armor gallery from the Trophy room. When Neville breaks into a run, he crashes into a suit of armor. They “galloped down one corridor then another” before finding themselves in a hidden passageway. This stops near the Charms Corridor. They run from Peeves to the end of this corridor, meet a door, force it, and are faced with Fluffy.

Secrets and Spells

There is at least one secret passageway on this floor. During First Year, a trapdoor was accessible from one of the corridors, opening onto a hole that dropped down to the dungeon levels.



These maps takes the details from the books into account as well as the standard structure and architecture of castles. While not canon, this map is certainly one of the most well-researched and historically accurate blueprints of Hogwarts that anyone could create.

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