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Complete, detailed, and amazing Reader's Guides
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Chapter Twelve:
The Triwizard Tournament

Synopsis by William Silvester
Notes and links by Michele L. Worley

US hardcover edition: pages 171-192
UK paperback edition: pages 190 - 212
Timeframe: 1 September, 1994 [Y14]

In which the students arrive at Hogwarts in a gale, are soaked by Peeves' water balloons, the First Years are sorted, and Hermione discovers that there are house elves at Hogwarts. Moody is the new DADA teacher, Dumbledore announces the Triwizard Tournament, and Fred and George decide to enter despite being underage.

The Triwizard Tournament, GF12, by Mary GrandPré

Interesting facts and notes about the text of this chapter:

The main event of this chapter is Dumbledore's speech at the Welcoming Feast, in which he reveals that the Triwizard Tournament will be held at Hogwarts during the coming year, and tells the students (and the reader) something about it.

"We're seventeen in April, why can't we have a shot?"

In fact, the Weasley twins' birthday is the first of April - April Fools' Day (JKR).

Characters introduced in this chapter:

Characters returning in this chapter:

Characters mentioned in this chapter:

Settings and locations introduced or returning in this chapter:

Settings and locations mentioned in this chapter:

Exceptional character moments:

  • Dennis Creevey, who (as Harry observes) reacts as though nobody could hope for more than to be tossed into a bitterly cold, fathoms-deep lake during a storm and then helped out of it by a giant sea monster.

  • Hermione Granger's short-lived hunger strike, in protest of the fact that Hogwarts has house-elves on staff in a traditional manner.


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Memorable lines:

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