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Mischief managed

"Just tap it again and say, 'Mischief managed!' And it'll go blank."
-- Fred Weasley (PA10)

Mischief managed

Mischief Managed is the incantation which closes or “wipes” clean the Marauders Map (PA10).

History and Notes

Both the Marauders Map and the incantations for using it were invented in the 1970s by the group of young wizards at Hogwarts known as The Marauders: Harry's father James Potter, his godfather Sirius Black, werewolf Remus Lupin, and future traitor Peter Pettigrew. The four also placed their nicknames in the map: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs (PA10).

References from the canon

  • If the Map is not "wiped" clean with "Mischief Managed," apparently anyone can see it. Snape was able to view the open map in Lupin's office, and watched in alarm as the werewolf followed the children to the Whomping Willow along with Animagus Sirius Black (PA19).


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