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Slughorn house

"Didn't hear my Intruder Charm go off, I was taking a bath. Still ...the fact remains that I'm an old man, Albus. A tired old man who's earned the right to a quiet life and a few creature comforts."
-- Horace Slughorn (HBP4)

Slughorn house

A small stone house in Budleigh Babberton (HBP3).

  • With the Muggle owners of the house away in the Canary Islands, Slughorn put a Freezing Charm on the burglar alarm and an Intruder Charm on the house. The comfortable decor included a piano, a grandfather clock, armchairs, books, and boxes of chocolate. Harry thought it looked like the house of a "rich, fussy old lady" (HBP4).
  • According to Dumbledore, in the bathroom there were Muggle magazines containing knitting patterns (HBP4).
  • Slughorn was expecting Death Eaters to track him down, so he faked his own death by putting dragon's blood on the wall and breaking all his furniture. He transfigured himself himself into a plump armchair, but untransfigured when Dumbledore poked him with his wand. He also forgot to put the Dark Mark over the house, which might have proven that he was truly dead (HBP4).


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