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Gold Brooch in the Shape of a Gordian Knot

Gold Brooch in the Shape of a Gordian Knot

A piece of gold jewelry that once belonged to Isolt Sayre’s mother, sister of Gormlaith Gaunt (Pm). Isolt took the brooch with her when she fled to North America, along with her aunt’s wand that once belonged to Salazar Slytherin (Pm).

  • In honor of her mother's brooch, the children's cranberry and blue robes at Ilvermorny are fastened with a Gordian Knot brooch (Pm).
  • An image of the Gordian knot is also worked into the floor tiles of the Ilvermorny Entrance Hall. Each student stands on the symbol as they are being sorted into the four houses (Pm).



A Gordian knot in fable and legend is one which cannot be untied except by an exceptional person. Supposedly, Alexander the Great broke through a large "unbreakable" knot in ancient Greece by hacking at it with his sword.

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