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The Sun

"-- but there's a thing that could be the sun... hang
on... that means 'great happiness'..."
-- Harry Potter reading Ron's tea leaves (PA6)

The Sun

Tea leaf symbol from Unfogging the Future which means “great happiness.”

  • In terms of the "sun" in Ron's future, years later he inherited Dumbledore's deluminator which not only captured light, but created a ball of light that he used to find Hermione and Harry in the Forest of Dean (DH19) Thus he suffered alone, but found "great happiness" later when he found and married Hermione.
  • The Prisoner of Azkaban movie reverses the reading of the tea leaves so that Ron sees a "wonky cross" and the sun in Harry's future, when the canon is that Harry is reading those in Ron's cup. source: PA Movie IMDB

Non-Canon Movie Quote:

Professor Trelawney: Your aura is pulsing! Are you in the beyond? I think you are!

Ron: Sure...

Professor Trelawney: Look at the cup, tell me what you see!

Ron: Oh yeah... well, Harry's got a sort of wonky cross... that's trials and suffering. And, uh, that there could be the sun, and that's happiness, so... you're gonna suffer... but you're gonna be happy about it...



The sun is the nearest star to earth and viewed as a bringer of food, health, and happiness to ancient civilizations. The Egyptians believed the sun floated through the sky on a barge with the god Ra, while the Romans thought it was pulled by a chariot driven by Aurora, goddess of the dawn.  source: Wikipedia

Aurora has the same Latin root word as "gold" which is "aurum," symbolic of the sun's bright color. Madam Trelawney is able to view the "aura" or psychic glow surrounding her students. It is also the root word which J.K. Rowling used for "auror" the name for magical policemen, which is what Ron and Harry eventually become.

Gold is connected to the study of Alchemy and search for the Philosopher's Stone, and the alchemical symbol for gold is the sun disk .

"One interpretation of the 'instructions' left by the alchemists is that they are symbolic of a spiritual journey, leading the alchemist from ignorance (base metal) to enlightenment (gold)." 
J.K. Rowling (Pm)


Perhaps the most famous sun god was the Greek Helios, a handsome titan bringing light to the world. The Romans called Helios "Sol Invictus" or "invincible sun," often using his likeness on coins.

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