Gordian Knot Symbol

Gordian Knot Symbol

The Gordian Knot symbol is worked into the floor of the Entrance Hall at Ilvermorny Wizarding School. Each student stands on the Gordian Knot waiting for reactions from statues representing the four Houses: Pukwudgie, Thunderbird, Wampus Cat, or Horned River Serpent.

The blue and cranberry robes at Ilvermorny have Gordian knot fasteners, based on a gold brooch that once belonged to founder Isolt Sayre’s mother (Pm).



A Gordian knot in fable and legend is one which cannot be untied except by an exceptional person. It supposedly existed in the ancient city of Gordium in Phrygia, which was part of Greece. A prophecy said that whoever could untie the knot would become the ruler of Asia. It was Alexander the Great who showed up and supposedly solved the puzzle by slashing through the Gordian knot with his sword.

Isolt's brooch shaped like a Gordian knot could represent the "ties that bind" between herself and her dead mother. Therefore it may be taken as an unbreakable symbol of love, which she passed on to the students of Ilvermorny.

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