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Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading, also called Tasseography, is a method of Divination. Loose leaf tea is poured into teacups and drunk until only the dregs remain. Next, the cup is swirled three times with the left hand and turned over to drain. Then the shapes of the leaves left in the cup are interpreted by the diviner (PA6).

Tea leaf reading was taught during the first term of Sybill Trelawney's third year curriculum (PA6).



The classic book Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves by "A Highland Seer" provides a list of common symbols seen in tea leaf reading and their meanings. According to the book, here are some of the symbols that were also found in Trelawney's textbook and their meanings:

  • ACORN, improvement in health, continued health, strength, and good fortune.
  • CROSS, a sign of trouble and delay or even death.
  • DOG, a favourable sign; faithful friends, if at top of cup; in middle of cup, they are untrustworthy; at the bottom means secret enemies.
  • FALCON, a persistent enemy.

The Club, The Sun, and the Skull aren't listed in this book.

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