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Lock picking

"A lot of wizards think it's a waste of time, knowing this sort of Muggle trick ...but we feel they're skills worth learning, even if they are a bit slow."
-- George Weasley while picking the lock to Harry's room (CS3)

Lock picking

Opening locks without using a key.

  • Using a regular Muggle hairpin, George Weasley picked the lock on Harry's bedroom door as well as the door to the cupboard under the stairs, when he, Fred, and Ron came to rescue Harry from the Dursley House before Second Year (CS3).
  • For Christmas in 1994, Sirius Black gave Harry a "a handy penknife with attachments to unlock any lock and undo any knot" (GF23). Harry used the knife to break into Dolores Umbridge's Office so he could use the Floo Network to contact Sirius and Lupin (OP29). The knife had limitations, however, and melted when Harry tried using it on the locked Love Room at the Department of Mysteries (OP34).
  • Newt Scamander's pet Bowtruckle was named "Pickett" as a pun on "Pick It" due to his skill at picking locks (WFT). In 1926 New York, Pickett unlocked a bank vault and later the shackles on Newt Scamander's wrists in the Death Cell at MACUSA (WFT).


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