100 – 1400 AD

This is a time of uneasy coexistence between the Wizard and Muggle communities, although as the years go by, Muggles begin more and more to fear wizards. It is during this time that Hogwarts is founded in Scotland as a way for the wizarding community to educate its young people away from the Muggles. Quidditch is created during this era. A number of very famous witches and wizards live during the medieval era, including the four Founders of Hogwarts and Merlin.

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Godelot studies Dark Magic and writes a book of dangerous spells called Magick Moste Evile. He possesses the Elder Wand, which he credits as helping him write his masterwork. Godelot dies when his son Hereward locks him in the cellar to languish and steals the Elder Wand. Read More
Godelot owned the Elder Wand, which he spoke of almost as a friend or mentor in the Dark Arts. His son, Hereward, coveted the wand and that jealousy eventually led him madness. He stole the wand and locked his father in the cellar, where Godelot died. Read More
A broom race is run in Sweden from Kopparberg to Arjeplog, a distance of well over 300 miles. The race is so popular it is made an annual tradition – one which still continues today, over 1000 years later. Read More
Gertie Keddle, living near Queerditch Marsh, writes about some local witches and wizards playing a new game on broomsticks; over the next few centuries this game evolves into Quidditch (QA3). Read More
Armand Malfoy accompanies William the Conqueror from France to Britain with the Norman Conquest in 1066. He provides assistance — possibly magical in nature — to William and is rewarded with land in Wiltshire. The Malfoy family will maintain a stately residence on that land for the next 900 years. Read More
At a Quidditch match, Chief Barberus Bragge of the Wizards’ Council releases a Golden Snidget and offers 150 Galleons to whichever player catches it first; this eventually proves so popular that a new position is added to Quidditch teams, the “Hunter,” whose sole task is to catch a Golden Snidget… Read More
Muldoon struggled to find a working legal definition for “beast” and “being” during a summit on the subject. His simplistic idea for calling anything that walked on two legs a “being” and therefore to be given full rights backfired spectacularly when goblins introduced tolls, hags, and a number of other… Read More
In the 14th century, two ill-fated summits were called to determine which of the many types of magical creatures were actually to be considered as sentient and therefore worthy of representation on the Wizard’s Council. In each case, the summits appear to have been intentionally disrupted by goblins, who brought… Read More
She succeeds Burdock Muldoon (FB) and declares the Golden Snidget to be a protected species, forbidding its use in Quidditch (QA4). Clagg also tries to establish a standard by which creatures will be given legal rights as “beings,” but her attempt fails (FB). Read More
The Wizard’s Council is concerned about anti-Muggle precautions and issues this decree to try to curtail the exuberance of fans and players. The rule proves ineffective and further rulings over the next decades demonstrate the Council’s frustration over the issue. Read More