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Complete, detailed, and amazing Reader's Guides
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Chapter Seven:
The Slug Club

Notes by Steve Vander Ark and Michele L. Worley
Synopsis and links by John Kearns

U.S. hardcover edition: pages 129 - 154
U.K. hardcover edition: pages 124 - 147
Timeframe: Saturday, 31 August - Sunday, 1 September, 1996 [Y16]

In which Harry thinks Malfoy might be a Death Eater, everyone departs for King's Cross, and before getting on the train Harry tells Mr. Weasley his suspicions. On the train, Harry finds he is more famous than ever, but sits with Neville and Luna until Slughorn invites him to tea. After hours of boring conversation, Harry sneaks into the Slytherins' compartment, invisible, and listens to Malfoy brag about working with Voldemort, but when the train stops Malfoy freezes Harry and leaves him behind.

The Slug Club

Interesting facts and notes about the text of this chapter:

pink would of course be 'orrible with Ginny's 'air -

At least one prospective Weasley isn't colour-blind. Good.

Characters introduced in this chapter:

  • Arnold (though Ginny spoke about him in the previous chapter)

  • Belby, Marcus

  • McLaggen, Cormac

  • Vane, Romilda

  • Zabini, Blaise (speaks for the first time)

  • (unnamed) Aurors escorting Harry through King's Cross Station

  • (unnamed) Romilda Vane's giggly friends

  • (unnamed) third-year who delivers Slughorn's notes to Harry and Neville

Characters returning in this chapter:

Characters mentioned in this chapter:

Settings and locations introduced or returning in this chapter:

Settings and locations mentioned in this chapter:

Exceptional character moments:

  • Still to come...

Spells and Potions:

Links and Resources:

Memorable lines:

  • "Au revoir, 'Arry," said Fleur throatily, kissing him good-bye. Ron hurried forward, looking hopeful, but Ginny stuck out her foot and Ron fell, sprawling in the dust at Fleur's feet.

  • "Harry, please. You're talking to the man who raised Fred and George."

  • "I enjoyed the meetings too," said Luna serenely. "It was like having friends."

Strictly British:


Even though the last chapter finished off on the Saturday immediately following Harry's birthday, this chapter implies that there is only a week between the trip to Diagon Alley and 1 September, even though there should be almost a month ("Harry spent a lot of the last week of the holidays...."). We do know that most of the chapter takes place on Saturday, 31 August and Sunday, 1 September, because this is the day the Hogwarts Express always leaves for Hogwarts; additionally, this aligns with the one hardfast date we are given in this book - Ron's birthday on Saturday, 1 March (HBP18)


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