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Ministry of Magic

Rules and Regulations

Ban on Experimental Breeding
written by Newt Scamander (FB)
(see Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures)

Code of Wand Use
clause 3: no non-human creature permitted a wand (GF9)

Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery
(CS2, CS5, PA3, OP2, OP8)

  • violation under paragraph C knowingly, deliberately, in full awareness of illegality, to do magic in a Muggle-inhabited area and in the presence of a Muggle (OP8)

  • clause 7 magic may be used before Muggles in exceptional circumstances, which include situations that include the life of the wizard or witch himself, or witches, wizards, or Muggles present (OP8)

Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans (GF10)

International Ban on Duelling (GF23)

International Code of Wizarding Secrecy (GF26)

International Confederation of Wizards' Statute of Secrecy
(a.k.a. International Statute of Secrecy)
In casting a Patronus Charm in front of a Muggle (Dudley), Harry laid himself open to a charge of violating this law, for which he was tried by the Wizengamot in August 1995 [Y15] (OP8).

Muggle Protection Act
written in part by Arthur Weasley while he was head of the Improper Use of Magic Office (CS4)

Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects (GF7)

Unforgivable Curses
Using one of these curses on a fellow human being could earn you a life sentence in Azkaban (GF14).

Werewolf Code of Conduct (1637) (PS16)

Werewolf Register (1947) (FB)

Wizengamot Charter of Rights
The accused has the right to present witnesses for his or her case (OP8). 

Other regulations and Rules
All wizards and witches of school age or older are kept track of on a register of their places of residence, so that the Wizengamot know that as of his disciplinary hearing, he's the only one of either in Little Whinging. However, they do not keep track of squibs, and may not keep track of Muggle-born wizards and witches too young to enter Hogwarts (OP8).

All Animagi must be registered with the Minstry of Magic (see Animagi register)

There is legislation about what you can conjure and what you can't (SN)

The use of Veritaserum is closely controlled by Ministry guidelines (GF27)

You must have a license to Apparate, see Department of Magical Transportation (Sch2, GF, OP)

Hogwarts High Inquisitor Educational Decrees:

22: "in the event of the current Headmaster being unable to provide a candidate for a teaching post, the Ministry should select an appropriate person." (30th August) (OP15)

23: "which create the new position of Hogwarts High Inquisitor." (OP15)

24: "No student organisations, societies, teams, groups and clubs may exist without the knowledge and approval of the high Inquisitor." (OP17)

25: "the High Inquisitor will henecforth have supreme authority over all punishments, sanctions and removal of privileges pertaining to students of Hogwarts, and the power to alter such punishments, sanctions and removals of privileges as may have been ordered by other staff members." (OP19)

26: "Teachers are hereby banned from giving students any information that is not strictly related to the subjects they are paid to teach." (OP25)

27: "Any student found in possession of the magazine The Quibbler will be expelled." (OP26)

28: "Dolores Jane Umbridge (High Inquisitor) has replaced Albus Dumbledore as Head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." (OP28)

29: "if I (Filch) could've strung you up by the ankles in my office, would they? But when Educational Decree number 29 comes in, Potter, I'll be allowed to do them things..." (OP28)

Trade Restrictions:

  • Class A Non-Tradeable Goods
    (e.g., dragon eggs) (FB)

  • Class B Tradeable Materials (Dangerous and Subject to Strict Control)
    (e.g., Erumpent horn) (FB)

  • Class C Non-Tradeable Substance
    Venomous Tentacula seeds (OP9)

  • Ban on Importing Flying Carpets (GF7)
    (classified as a Muggle artifact)


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